Key features of the proposed solution


The technology was created for sake of to improve the speed of image processing. Reaching from more than tenfold to hundredfold shortening of the deadlines, we got the following bonuses:

Automatic background removal


takes a little faster than the photographer moves footage from camera to HDD.

My unique skills and know-hows


break beyond eternal «fast-best-cheap» triangle. With me you get all three.

High picture quality


supports the brand's and seller's image like nothing else. There exist no words or technologies that can make people think about the picture better than it really is.

Perfect background removal


improves the quality of images

depriving them of the traditional «sable rims», shadows and/or lighted in through holes, borders and areas adjoining/closing with background.

In addition to the other time-consuming


or even irreproducible «by hands» results

it is easy to make knock out while shooting bright whites and white stuff.

The basis of the technology


is a special way of shooting

Each frame is duplicated backlit. Derived from the backlight frame mask is used for background removal.

I will apply this technology


in your photo production, create the necessary custom equipment, train staff and dock the process with your current ERP/CMS environment.

Of course it also possible


background removal for furs

Knocking background with light formers


you inevitably provoke the degradation of the image. Through backlit frame you can stay focused on lighting the object itself.

Background is knocked out


from all images automatically

Core i7 thought for a couple of seconds.

After implementation of my method


of photo production

the content management system can be rebuilt in such a way that the «posting» of the SKU item on the site will be carried out by the «robot» — according to the set of criteria.

«Content» tasks are passed


to the core units as follows: each department fills «its» part of the «item card» and presses its «own» button «send to the site».

All other units check «their» marks


in this common interface:

  • «Sales» put prices, discounts and a tick «price characteristics are filled»
  • The warehouse puts a tick «the place of storage is known, the goods are available for order»
  • «Purchase» put a tick «factory of origin, importer, certificates of compliance there are»
  • «Buyers» put a tick «product description is full»
  • And so on, and so forth

That is, the sole decision


on the placement of SKU item on the site does not take anyone — this «solution» forms the logic of the database. Each employee is responsible for his own, organically related to his direct duties and daily activity.

Authorized persons


сan see the analytical sections: total of all the goods queue, the state by departments, by doers and so on.

List of SKU items in the work


and their statuses (starting from the status «expected in shipment from the supplier») are constantly visible to all participants in the process.

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